Celebrating 75 years of International Credit Union Day

The credit union mantra of “people helping people” is needed more than ever in our world today. Whether it’s recovering from war, rebuilding after natural disasters, or simply helping communities get financially healthy, not-for-profit financial cooperatives have a valuable role to play in the lives of so many.

Thursday marked the 75th International Credit Union Day, a chance to highlight and reflect on the tremendous power of the more than 87,000 credit unions that collectively serve around 394 million members across 118 countries.

We wrote to Congress highlighting the nearly $20.4 billion in member benefits (and $7.9 billion in benefits for non-members) realized from June 2022 to June 2023, and asked elected officials to support our mission and advance our priorities.

Leagues, credit unions, and members around the world shared the credit union difference across social media. I’m proud to work every day in support of a movement that makes such positive, life-changing differences in so many lives. And I’m grateful to be surrounded by leaders and a movement that isn’t satisfied with the status quo and always strives for more.


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