CEO Update: Next steps—the hard work begins

America’s Credit Unions held their first Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) as a merged entity. It was great to see many friends and industry colleagues who traveled across the globe to attend the conference. My thoughts were challenged and inspired by the many discussions this past week about the future of the credit union industry.

It was also fascinating to watch the emerging power structure created by the merger take its position within the industry, while also witnessing some of the ongoing power struggles as a result. You don’t need a master’s degree in organizational management to recognize the undercurrent that’s taking place. The question is how deep does it go?

This was all against the backdrop of the DCUC Board approving the final design for our new three-year strategy. It is both ambitious and realistic yet timed to seize opportunities and minimize threats. So, now the hard work begins!

In executing our plan there are three types of tasks we will implement within the next 90 days.


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