CFO Focus: 8 ways your accounts payable process leaks and …

... how artificial intelligence can plug it.

Today’s companies put huge efforts into negotiating the best terms with their suppliers. Procurement teams regularly spend weeks or months going back and forth on contract terms and volume discounts to get the most bang for their buck.

Too often, these savings aren’t realized. Suppliers may ignore the negotiated terms when invoicing, and accounts payable teams, faced with a deluge of invoices and limited time to get payments out the door, only sample select transactions and only do basic two- or three-way matching of volume and price. This inevitably means costly invoice problems fall through the cracks—from mismatched invoice and contract terms, to unapplied discounts, to completely bogus charges, and more.

Optimizing your AP process may seem like a big undertaking, but it’s much easier than it might seem, and worth the effort. According to the International Association of Contracts and Commercial Management, companies that work to improve controls over invoice payment will see a return of more than 4% of invoice value.

Even if you’re ready to improve your AP process, a pesky question remains: How do you actually do it? Once upon a time, it would have been necessary to hire more people to check every transaction. But today, technology can provide a crucial and cost-effective assist for overstretched AP teams.


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