Changing CU’s fortunes begins with this

When it comes to turning around the fortunes of a struggling credit union, if the CEO is not paying close attention to the organization’s culture, all the strategies and tactics in the world won’t make any difference, says Jane Dobbs.

Dobbs, who has been called on in her career to turn around several credit unions and who has done so at the $201-million Canyon State CU here, will speak at the CUTomorrow Conference and address what credit unions need to do to right the ship if it is faltering.

The CUTomorrow Conference ( is scheduled for Sept. 9-11 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin. The meeting, priced at just $499, was put together in response to feedback to and is for credit unions that are not seeking to merge, but instead want to be a part of an old-fashioned credit unions-helping-credit unions collaboration. Sessions are focused on practical, pragmatic real-life examples of successful programs from peer-group leading CUs.


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