The choice is yours at CUNA Lending Council Conference

Of all the words you could use to describe CUNA Lending Council Conference, the most fitting may be inclusive. As credit union lending is one of the richest, most complex topics in the credit union movement today, this annual gathering of lending leaders is appropriately broad in its focus, addressing a wide variety of issues in its expert-led sessions.

This year’s event, taking place in Las Vegas from October 30-November 2, 2016, features four tracks of sessions, allowing you to customize your learning experience to reflect your area of expertise and interest.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four tracks, each of which focuses on prominent issues in a specific lending area.

Consumer Lending

Your private, non-commercial loans are an important part of your credit union’s loan offerings, both in terms of the revenue they generate and the impact they have for members. This track will clarify common challenges involved in consumer lending and highlight the newest best practices for resolving them.

From the origination process to collections, this group of sessions has been packed with insights that will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your consumer loans.

Sessions include:

  • Decision Engine Optimization
  • Roundtable: Consumer Lending
  • The Do-It-Yourself Consumer Loan Origination System Member Business Lending

Member Business Lending

Whether it’s kick-starting an all-new enterprise or keeping a struggling business afloat, member business lending (MBL) changes lives. As a lending professional, your task is to balance your desire to help businesses in need with your obligation to maintain a compliant, viable and responsible MBL framework.

The knowledge offered in this track will show you meaningful new ways to enhance your business lending approach and better address members’ real business needs. (The track also includes discussions of the upcoming, game-changing NCUA rule change taking effect on January 1, 2017.)

Sessions include:

  • MBL Participations: How to Develop a Sound Program for Buying and Selling
  • Roundtable: Member Business Lending
  • Serving the Business Member: Going Beyond Commercial Real Estate

Mortgage Lending

Impacted by a constant influx of new regulations, product ideas and challenges, the mortgage industry never stops evolving. The Mortgage Lending track features sessions that explore this abundant change and provides in-depth updates on the latest mortgage developments.

For those who want a more competitive, compliant and formidable mortgage portfolio, this track represents a vital learning opportunity.

Sessions include:

  • Innovative Mortgage Products; Standing Out in a Vanilla World·
  • Roundtable: Mortgage Lending
  • What’s New in Mortgage Lending Compliance?

Lending Leadership

A successful lending strategy requires vision, organization, foresight and tough decision making—or, to put it simply, leadership. This final track examines the duties vested in today’s lending leaders, including project management, strategic planning and implementation of innovative new ideas.

This group of sessions examines the overarching industry trends affecting your loan program, as well as the big-picture issues that leaders face in guiding their loan programs to success.

Sessions include:

  • Creating and Executing a Lending Strategy
  • Digital Lending 2.0
  • Lending Hot Topics from an Examiner Perspective

As our theme for this year suggests, the four tracks offered at CUNA Lending Council Conference empower lending professionals to “Step Up and Stand Out” as experts on the latest happenings in specific lending areas. The choice of where to cultivate your newfound expertise is—as it should be—up to you.

To learn more about CUNA Lending Council Conference and register, visit here.

Bob Stowell

Bob Stowell

Bob Stowell is Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer for Firefly Credit Union, a $1B+ financial cooperative serving the Greater Twin Cities Community. In his role, Bob leads the credit ... Web: Details