Communication in an age of excess

by: Anthony Demangone

We live in a wonderful age of information. You want it? You can get it. Often for free. But…

There’s always a but, isn’t there? The information out there often doesn’t hit the mark. It might not be written for us. Or it is written in a format that is far too dense and difficult to consume. Or the author never connects the dots for us.

All of this is swimming around my mind after reading this article from Entrepreneur. When it comes to communication, less is more. Period. In the article, Steve Tobak makes some great points.

If people see too much of you, they get sick of seeing your face. More to the point, they become sort of numb to your presence and stop paying attention to anything you have to say. The same thing happens if you spam them with stuff they could care less about and waste their precious time.

The way to avoid that is by blogging, posting, tweeting, updating, emailing, texting, calling – whatever form your communication or marketing takes – only what matters. Not what matters to you. What matters to them.

If you don’t know what matters to them or even exactly who “them” is, then you don’t have much of a marketing or communication strategy and you probably shouldn’t be sharing anything at all until you figure it out.


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