Complaints about spoofing could make it harder for CUs to reach members

Spoofing calls in Florida appear to be coming from the financial institution, creating a new problem for credit unions.

Florida’s Attorney General said skimming and spoofing scams are on the rise in the state, and that could make it trickier for credit unions and other financial institutions to get in touch with members about legitimate issues.

In a June 27 consumer alert, the agency said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was getting a growing number of reports about criminals using skimmers to steal credit card and debit card data. The criminals then use spoofing technology to call victims and pose as employees of their financial institutions. During the calls, criminals tell the victims that their accounts have been compromised and that the financial institution needs the CV2 security code from the back of their cards in order to “freeze” their accounts. The scammers subsequently use the information to make fraudulent purchases, withdraw money from the member’s account or sell the member’s account information, according to the Attorney General’s office.

“This scam incorporates some of the worst uses of modern technology to drain victims’ bank accounts and ruin their credit,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said. “Floridians must arm themselves with the latest information and take steps to avoid these fraudsters to protect their hard-earned money.”


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