Conerly’s ‘Economic Comedy’ set for Execu/Summit in March

by. Lisa Hochgraf

I chose to attend CUES’ ski and learn conference–Execu/Summit–March 9-14 in Vail, Colo.–for the first time this year, because I anticipated that the stellar speaker line-up will give me much to write about for CUES’ publications.

This non-skiier’s enthusiasm for going went up even more this week, as I confirmed that my snowshoes fit in my big suitcase, then checked out the YouTube channel of presenter Bill Conerly, Ph.D. An economist at Conerly Consulting, he has an engaging and entertaining style that makes me sure his presentation will be anything but boring.

In addition to Conerly on “The Economic Outlook: New Opportunities and Risks in the Evolving Business Cycle,” the other Execu/Summit speakers and topics on the agenda are:

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