Consumers worry most about FI-targeted cyberattacks

New survey also reveals suspicions about reporting of cyberattacks.

Almost six of 10 respondents believe it is “likely” the U.S. will suffer a massive critical infrastructure disruption within two years and 26% worry about a financial sector cyberattack.

Those are among the results of an ESET survey of 1,500 Americans, conducted online via Google Surveys from October 8 to October 11, 2018, to find out what they think about CI attacks and cyber threats.

The financial/banking industry is their top concern when it comes to cyberattacks. The study found that Americans are most worried about a cyberattack disrupting the financial/banking system, more than attacks against hospital/emergency services, voting systems, or power grid/energy supply companies.

“Despite the news headlines and concerted efforts to provide education and awareness across the country, many people are still not aware of the risks that cyberattacks pose,” the survey reported.


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