COVID-19 heightens need to intertwine sales and service

To deliver on credit union promises, a symbiotic relationship is needed.

If consumer demand for speedy innovation was high before COVID-19, it’s off the charts now. We’re coming off a moment in time when all kinds of entities—corporations, startups, restaurants, retailers, financial institutions, medical providers, and even local and federal government agencies—proved they are up to the challenge of rapid adaptation.

A new standard for nimbleness certainly has been set, and credit unions will not be immune from the effect that standard will have on stakeholder expectations going forward.

Ability to Anticipate Needs Now a Key Differentiator

The most meaningful changes we saw organizations make during COVID-19 came from strong abilities to anticipate needs. Employers like CUNA Mutual Group understood their team members could grow weary of working in ill-equipped home offices and had stand-up desks shipped out to mitigate the discomfort. Restaurants catering to families predicted a degree of takeout fatigue and bundled their menu items to make it even easier for parents to get dinner on the table. Medical clinics knew patients would wrestle with fears about in-person visits and fast-tracked telehealth technology to continue serving people throughout the crisis.


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