How to create a successful holiday marketing campaign

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers or prospects by celebrating the spirit of the season. Marketers can leverage the emotion of the holidays to engage with consumers to build both trust and credibility. Remember that the holidays are a very popular time to market, so you have to put quite a bit of thought into your campaign to stand out from the crowd.

Hit their emotions

We all like to think that we make decisions on purely rational thoughts, but the truth is quite the contrary. All people make decisions based on emotions before they later have to justify them rationally. You need to focus on the emotions that both align with the season, and the end goal of your campaign. Feelings such as good will, giving, gratitude, and family.

Make it easy to share

One of the most important elements of a marketing campaign (especially during the holidays) is that you make it easy to share. Word of mouth has been and probably always will be the most effective form of marketing and by creating sharable content you are leveraging influencers.

Personalize it

You remember OfficeMax’s “Elf Yourself” social media campaign? Of course, you do. Putting the faces of family, coworkers or even your dog on dancing elves was hilarious. By letting consumers insert themselves into the ad, they drew over 193 million visits to the site in just the first year. The more innovative, fun, and interactive your campaign is, the longer life it will have and the more people it will reach.

Involve everyone

When you’re a community based company, personalizing content is as much about designing a campaign for others as it is sharing about yourself. Include your employees by both encouraging them to participate and share the content you make. By getting your staff involved you can boost your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Stay consistent

No matter what platforms you choose to execute your campaign from, you need make sure the message stays clear and constant. That being said, your staff also needs to be educated on exactly what the campaign promises or is designed to do, so they will be able to provide a constant response to consumers.