Creating a culture of digital innovation

How one bank embraced technology to better meet customers' evolving needs.

Once tasked with the nuts and bolts of automating analog processes, digital innovation officers are evolving with the banking industry. Standing up digital offerings, supporting emerging technologies and finding new value in products, processes and services are now top priorities.

Nancy Dixon has a similar story to tell. She began her career with First Federal Lakewood focused on implementation and consumer adoption of customer-facing digital solutions. Now, as digital innovations officer for the Ohio bank’s holding company, First Mutual Holding Co., her role is more strategic. She studies customer preferences, geography and other demographics to establish strategies for how digital products and services are introduced at the organization’s affiliate banks. Those strategies also apply to digitizing back-office processes.

The role of digital innovations officer is a newer one for many financial institutions, including those that blend IT and marketing into the position. Dixon calls it a “bank-to-bank decision” how the role is best serves an organization.

We talked to Dixon about creating a culture of digital innovation at First Mutual Holding Co. and its affiliates to enhance experiences, add value and create new opportunities.


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