Credit union culture is like genetic code

by. Henry Wirz

The credit union’s culture is the genetic code that assures that each generation of the credit union carries on the traits that define the credit union. Like the genetic code, culture also gives the credit union the traits needed to adapt and to change when the environment changes.

I was a bit amazed to learn that some credit union leaders can’t describe their culture. I feel that the culture is consciously created, molded and expressed by the CEO and the board. It is a key to how the credit union treats its employees, members, community and other stakeholders. If you don’t know your culture, then perhaps you are doing nothing to create, mold or express it. That would be a dereliction of a key duty.

I loved the point the author makes about being a “learning organization.” This is a key to any good culture. It provides the adaptability that every organization must have in an ever-changing marketplace.

I believe you should be able to define your culture in a sound bite. Our sound bite is “Do the right thing, for the right reason.” As a learning organization, we learn from our mistakes and our successes. We ask that everyone have purpose.

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