Credit union leaders share what’s working during uncertain times

Success stories about product adaptation, personalization, workplace culture and CUSOs.

With plans continuously in flux amidst the evolving pandemic situation, nearly every credit union is re-evaluating strategies across the board.

With no guide for the array of new challenges, collaborating and sharing best practices has become even more important within the credit union community. With that in mind, CU Rise Analytics recently hosted virtual sit-downs with credit union industry leaders to gain insights into their coronavirus responses.

These snapshots from the resulting interview series showcase how credit unions are creatively retooling their approaches in key areas of credit union management.

Adapting Product Strategy

CUES member Rick Weber, President/CEO, $465 million CBC Federal Credit Union, Oxnard, California

Prior to the pandemic, CBC FCU had already taken an innovative approach to reimagining its checking account offerings. With inspiration from the subscription-based models used by leading tech companies like Netflix and Amazon, and equipped with deep member insights derived from data analytics, CBC FCU launched its subscription-based “EPIC Checking” in 2018, which bundled its checking account product with tiered additional services and benefits.


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