Credit union seminars schooling members during the summer

by. Cyndi Cohen

Summer is definitely a time for rest and relaxation, a time to take a break from the hub-bub of the daily routine. Credit unions are totally on board with this sentiment, even offering tips and tools to achieve the ultimate summer. However, while downtime is important, credit unions don’t want summertime to be an excuse for members to get rusty when it comes to their financial health. To keep members keep sharp during the summer months, many credit unions offer special seminars on a variety of topics, and at no charge.

Credit Union Summer School, In Session

CU-sponsored seminars are conveniently located and scheduled in order to easily bring members of all ages the valuable financial advice and savvy they’re seeking during the summer. As a bonus, some credit unions also offer special deals or incentives for seminar attendees. All in all, it’s what many credit unions like to think of as a financial summer school of sorts.

Altra Federal Credit Union (Onalaska, WI) offers several financial seminars during the summer. The credit union’s third Annual Cash Camp teaches kids ages 8-10 a plethora of financial skills. “We go over Money Basics (what security features are on dollar bills, who is pictured on currency, as well as adding coins and paper money together), Budgeting, Save, Spend Share concepts, Wants vs. Needs, differences between banks and credit unions (with a tour of one of our branches), Counterfeit Money, Check Washing, and Identity Theft,” explained Danielle Anderson, Youth Coordinator.

Altra will also be offering a 2-day Money $mart Camp (ages 11-12) for the first time this summer. According to Anderson, this program covers Money Basics (including transactions and how money is spent), SMART goals, Savings and Checking Accounts, Wants vs. Needs, Budgeting, differences between credit unions and banks (with a tour), Investing, Interest Rates, and taking youngsters through a financial reality fair.

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