Credit union vs bank: 8 myths debunked

Making informed decisions has never been more difficult. We live at a time when internet-driven misinformation clouds issues and perpetuates myths. This holds particularly true when trying to make an intelligent credit union vs bank choice. However, a fact-based deep dive shows that community members from all walks of life may be better served working with a local credit union.

8 credit union vs bank myths debunked

Myths and misinformation are a lot like a brush fire. Just when you think it’s finally extinguished, it reignites. Shining a spotlight on these credit union vs bank myths may not prevent disinformation from rearing its ugly head in the future. But it will help people make fiscally responsible decisions today.

1: Credit unions don’t offer the same services as banks

People who haven’t worked with a credit union are often persuaded by this myth. The conventional thinking is that there must be a difference between the two and fewer services than a wealthy bank makes sense. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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