Credit unions celebrate Financial Literacy Month

The #StopMoneyShaming campaign originating from Philadelphia is one example of the nationwide efforts the movement is leading.

April is Financial Literacy Month.

It’s also National Credit Union Youth Month.

And National Financial Capability Month.

The idea that credit unions can directly counsel and educate members on their personal finances has taken on organizational heft. According to NAFCU, approximately 36% of the 5,689 federally insured U.S. credit unions offered financial counseling and education to members in 2016, and more than 20% offered financial literacy workshops last year.

One notable approach to celebrating financial education this year comes from Philadelphia Federal Credit Union($1.1B, Philadelphia, PA), whose #StopMoneyShamingcampaign encourages locals, including students at Temple University, to use that hashtag to share a money confession and help ease the stigma around talking about financial problems.


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