Credit unions: Unite for the fight

by. Roy Page

One hundred and five years ago, thousands of American textile workers struggled to make ends meet and protect their hard-earned dollars from loan sharks, banks, and other financial predators. Compassionate to their needs, Monsiegnor Pierre Hevey opened the first credit union and made their fight his own.

Since that time, credit unions have forged a proud history of people helping people. Making that mantra a reality hasn’t always been easy: as the credit union movement has grown, so has its challenges. But credit unions have persevered and communities have become better – and stronger – because of them.

Today, credit unions are every bit as relevant as they were a hundred years ago. The American people still need fair and equal access to affordable, high quality financial products and services. They still need a financial partner they can trust. They still need help making ends meet and protecting their hard-earned money.

The fight isn’t over yet. Your opponents are still bigger than you are and the stakes are still high. But this time around, you’re not the only one fighting.

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