CRM for financial growth: A leader’s perspective

Studies indicate that the ROI on a CRM system can be as high as $8.70 per dollar spent (Nucleus Research, 2014). That’s a pretty impressive return on investment for a technology solution, and it may leave you wondering just how CRM generates such uniquely high returns.

Much of the answer lies in the fact that CRM usage is not limited to a single group within your bank or credit union. In fact, because CRM is implemented and used across multiple departments within the financial institution, it reduces expenses and boosts growth across the entire enterprise. Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the ways CRM can help you achieve organization-wide financial growth.

Grow Market Share and Customer Count

For a community financial institution (CFI) to thrive, it needs a steady stream of new customers. CRM can help your sales and marketing teams reach these prospects in a number of ways. Using a CRM solution built for financial institutions, you can:


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