Crooks hitting the jackpot at U.S. ATMs

As if credit union did not have to enough to worry about now the Secret Service is warning financial institutions of robbers remotely commanding ATMs to spew out cash on command.

It’s called jackpotting, a scheme where installed malicious software and/or hardware at ATMs induces the machines to spit out cash to fraudsters at a rate of 40 bills every 23 seconds.

Brian Krebs, in his blog KrebsOnSecurity, noted jackpotting has long threatened European and Asian banks, but the U.S. Secret Service started warning financial institutions of attacks targeting cash machines in the U.S.

On Jan. 21, 2018, KrebsOnSecurity said it began hearing rumblings about jackpotting hitting U.S. ATMs. Krebs said on Jan. 26, NCR sent an advisory to its customers about alerts from the Secret Service and other sources about jackpotting against U.S. ATMs.


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