Crossing the bridge from physical to digital community

SIU Credit Union leverages DaLand CUSO’s partnership and products to go beyond legacy banking.

2022—the year of the credit union renaissance for community and commerce.

How will you remain relevant in the era of money becoming digital and part of the internet, and as community continues to be defined as digital and non-geographical via the influence of big tech products and philosophies? Are you prepared to be a leader in our industry and spotlight your institution as the connective tissue between community and commerce? Is your operation plugged into a perpetual process of strengthening your network of community?

With these increasingly clear and imminent demands of the future, it’s important to take time and give yourself space to truly contemplate what that future of community and commerce looks like for your credit union—now more than ever!

Community-based financial institutions like credit unions have a real opportunity to thrive where virtual communities and digital economies meet. $443 million SIU Credit Union is a great example of a credit union leveraging strategy, operations and digital tools to promote financial literacy and help its community flourish.


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