Cruise, don’t drift, to get organizational clarity and alignment

I recently witnessed one of the best examples of organizational clarity and alignment on a week-long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Subsequently, it only affirmed my belief that I should change my residence to somewhere in the tropics. The cruise was fun, the ship was massive, the ports of call were beautiful and the food was fantastic and endless. But that’s not what was most impressive.

The crew—absolutely amazing. The operational processes—phenomenal.

Your processes are only as good as your people running them

With nearly 6,000 passengers onboard, the processes need to be well-designed and incredibly efficient. It’s no small feat. And as far as I could tell…it was flawlessly executed all day, every day. But processes are only as good as the people carrying them out. And there were nearly 1,800 crew members…representing 60 nations. If you’ll pardon the pun, how in the world do you get 1,800 people rowing in the same direction?!

It really comes down to what I love helping credit unions and community banks with—organizational clarity and alignment.


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