CUbroadcast ‘nearly complete’ coverage of the 2014 GAC (Part 2)

Well, here we are with the final installment of 2014 GAC coverage. I think this show will be talked about for a long time with its stellar speakers, record attendance, and all around good vibe — not to mention the few inches of snow we received on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pretty cool to see for a San Diegan like myself. So take a few minutes and enjoy part 2 of our coverage, as we asked folks about their conference mission/goals, CU pain points, what to expect in 2014, etc.

Here’s a rundown on this episode’s interviews:
— CUES’ Chuck Fagan (2:04)
— D. Hilton’s David Hilton (2:49)
— CO-OP’s Samantha Paxson (3:38)
— YFP Tips’ Sean McDonald (5:17)
— Cornerstone Advisors/GonzoBanker’s Sam Kilmer (5:35)
— NACUSO’s Jack Antonini (6:47)
— NCUA’s Michael Fryzel (7:48)
— Transamerica’s Michael Maloney (8:52)
— NCUA’s Rick Metsger (9:54) Sorry for the extreme close-up angle on this one. But Rick’s content is good!
— TMG’s Ryan Anderson (11:19)
— Bluepoint Solutions’ Andrew Tilbury (12:15)
— NCUF’s Gigi Hyland (13:08)
— MVi’s Scott Cowan (14:35)
— ALKAMI’s Stephen Bohanon (15:39)
— AACUC/Washington Gas Light FCU’s Lynette Smith (16:30)

Our many thanks to CUNA and all those who took the time and patience to field my questions this year. It’s always a mighty fine time seeing and chatting with everybody again in person. Just wish there was more time! Enjoy.

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