CUES measures impact of Aprio board portal

New tool streamlines communication, simplifies meeting prep and strengthens director engagement.

With a nine-member board and directors based in different locations across North America, CUES sought out board portal technology to ensure its board operated with optimal efficiency, engagement and security.

As CUES President/CEO John Pembroke explains, “CUES chose Aprio to take advantage of industry-leading technology to streamline communication, simplify meeting preparation, and strengthen the engagement with our directors.”

Recently our team interviewed Ruth Shirley, CUES executive administrator and board liaison to ask her about the impact of using Aprio board portal software to manage the organization’s directors. Here are some insights from that interview.

Q: Tell us about your board. What are its main needs?

Ruth Shirley: CUES board meets four times a year—twice alongside our major conferences and two independent meetings. We strive to meet in person at least a portion of the time, and other times members join by conference call. Like many boards, our goals in adopting better board technology were to provide directors with convenient and secure access to board information, achieve efficient board book and meeting preparation, and to offer access to the best possible tools to support engagement and strong governance.


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