CUES names its 2013 Next Top Credit Union Exec: Maps Credit Union’s Amanda Brenneman


by. Mike Lawson

Ahhh … nothing like attending a conference in your home town. No planes, no taxis, no hotels. It just made covering CUES CEO/Exec Team Network Conference in San Diego that much sweeter. Not only was this conference loaded with practical, insightful, and entertaining presentations for attendees, but it also hosted the 2013 Next Top Credit Union Exec contest featuring the fab five finalists. Very exciting for the finalists and very impressive for the audience, as we were honored to experience five sharp, visionary presentations. But there could only be one winner from this over-achieving group and that was Maps Credit Union’s Amanda Brenneman, who rose to the top of these fine folks for first prize.

Fresh from her win, we were able to get a quick chat with Amanda for her reaction and what the award means to her personally and to her career — which will probably take off like Sputnik on high octane now. We also had the privilege to meet with CUES President/CEO Chuck Fagan for his take on the conference activities and why he supports the Next Top Credit Union Exec program. And last, we were able to connect with the man behind the Next Top Credit Union Exec curtain, Currency Marketing’s Tim McAlpine, for a quick history of the program and how it has impacted the industry since it started four years ago spotlighting hundreds of talented, soon-to-be credit union leaders. So sit back this holiday weekend and check out these future leaders. Enjoy!

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