#CUFinHealth Month – Why credit unions should care

As you may have seen, the Foundation went a bit rogue in the month of April and “credit union’ized” Financial Capability Month. Why in the world did we do that you might ask?

At the Foundation, one of our three pillars of work is to Ignite. We ignite understanding, passion and focus on member financial health by providing tools and resources so credit unions are recognized as national financial health leaders. Through our experiential learning programs, thought-leadership and advocacy of credit unions at national financial health events, we’re helping to advance credit unions’ strategic focus on member financial health.

Financial health is extremely important to the Foundation because we know that when people are struggling financially it doesn’t just affect their wallet. Health and financial well-being are intrinsically linked: financial insecurity is a major source of stress, and stress impacts physical and mental health. Poor health impacts the ability to work or perform well at work, which can lead to financial insecurity.


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