CUInsight Minute with Lauren Culp – November 27, 2020

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds.

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp with our favorite reads from the week.


What we all want, no matter how we voted — and how credit unions can deliver
At the beginning of COVID, all we heard was, “We’re in this together.” But that feeling of togetherness, while somewhat of a mirage from the beginning, hasn’t lasted. Many see our country as more divided now than ever, with the recent election widening the chasm even more. Do you see these divisions playing out in your membership, or perhaps on your team? Is it even possible to find common ground? (read more)

3 Ways Companies Can Retain Working Moms Right Now
It has become alarmingly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is threatening women’s careers. In September 2020 alone, 865,000 women left the U.S. workforce, compared to 216,000 men. Furthermore, one in four women are considering either leaving the workforce or reducing their work hours. A stream of advice has suggested how working mothers can work from home with kids, manage work/life boundaries (or lack thereof), and handle anxiety over school decisions. (read more)

How to plan a virtual holiday office party that doesn’t suck
As COVID-19 continues to change just about everything about work, so, too, is it changing that annual ritual: office holiday parties. With many workers still remote and gathering restrictions expected to increase in many areas as infection rates rise, the thought of throwing yet another Zoom meeting with everyone dressed in ugly sweaters and holding cocktails is downright depressing. (read more)

Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp

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