Gold’s price is high. Is it still safe to invest in?

Gold’s price has made a spectacular run for the top over the past several months against a backdrop of high demand led by unwavering inflation. According to American Hartford Gold, the commodity was trading at $1,821.35 per ounce on October 5, 2023. Fast forward just over six months later and today, gold’s price is $2,327.05 per ounce – over 27% higher.

With price growth that significant, and considering gold’s current price above $2,300, you may want to buy your share of the commodity quickly. After all, if this growth continues, the cost of adding the yellow metal to your portfolio could become cost prohibitive.

Then again, you may be wondering if doing so is safe right now. Though gold has long been thought of as a safe haven asset, it’s easy to question whether or not buying gold at today’s high price is a safe move.


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