CUNA economists weigh in on growing trade tensions in Economic Update

CUNA released the June 2019 edition of the Economic Update, sponsored by the CUNA Finance Council. Senior Economist Jordan van Rijn provides an update about increasing trade tensions, which have been on the rise, not only with China, but now several other countries.

“While most hope that the trade war will be short-lived, the effects could still end up being long-term: supply-chain and distribution channels can take decades to develop and some experts fear that as China turns more to Brazil and other countries—which have lower labor costs than the U.S.—they may not turn back,” van Rijn said.

The June video also features:

  • Economic growth figures of U.S. goods and services;
  • Recession and the yield curve inversion;
  • Global trade tensions and impact on U.S. consumers;


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