Data-driven marketing (without breaking the bank)

Known mainly in the automotive business and among a few large banks, ChannelNet recently launched a marketing platform for community banks offering personalized messaging, relevant offers, and informational content on a personal microsite.

Thirty years ago, the late Daniel Yankelovich, market researcher, said that technology would radically change the marketing landscape. One glance at the targeted, contextual marketing that appears on a typical web page or mobile screen tells you he was very prescient.

Paula Tompkins, founder and CEO of a marketing company, referenced Yankelovich’s prediction in an interview with Banking Exchange. Over several decades she has built the business on the basis of that trend, primarily focused for many years on the automotive marketplace. More recently the company, ChannelNet, has worked with larger financial institutions, and just last month it launched a marketing platform for smaller institutions under the name OneClick Financial.

Tompkins was a pioneer in the use of the personal computer as a marketing communications tool—first via diskettes, CD/ROMs, then the internet. Her company now uses data analytics to help banks create onboarding and other messaging that drive sales in a personalized, informational way.


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