Data drives smart decisions

Fred Lizotte says data allows credit unions to identify future opportunities.

Fred Lizotte believes it’s important to not only understand where you’ve come from, but also what role credit unions will play for tomorrow’s members. As the business intelligence manager for Infinity Federal Credit Union, he believes that understanding comes through questioning everything and making smart, data-driven decisions.

Lizotte was the driving force behind Infinity’s data warehouse, which has allowed the $343 million asset credit union in Westbrook, Maine, to better serve its nearly 17,000 members. “We need the right data at the right time,” he says.

Real-time dashboards and reports are used across all levels of the organization throughout the day: from front-line staff refreshing a “daily production needle” to see the number of new accounts they’ve opened to senior management evaluating the results of strategic initiatives and identifying opportunities for future growth in new markets.


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