Defining a winning digital strategy

The reasons for taking a wait-and-see approach are long over. Also gone are the days of completing a digital task list and moving on to other priorities. Accelerating your credit union’s efforts to deliver the next generation of digital channel integration is a must have to succeed in a post-pandemic world. But it’s less about the technology and more about your members. Because without them, your brand doesn’t exist.

Listen as Jeff Dillon and Adam Malka share ways your credit union can elevate your digital strategy, accelerate your digital roadmap, and win by keeping your members front and center.

Key Takeaways:

  • [04:38] According to a recent survey from Forester, once consumers tried digital banking 59% of them said they planned to continue using that tool even when the stay-at-home restrictions were lifted. They didn’t give digital solutions great ratings across the board. Online customer support had a net satisfaction of just 29%.
  • [10:14] This concept of digital-first doesn’t mean digital-only.  Digital-first needs to continue to be all about member choice and however, the member wants to connect with us.   
  • [14:01] Direct mail is still a proven way to connect with members. We know that members trust direct mail more than email. They are 20% more motivated to respond to a direct mail offer than one they respond via email. Research shows they are likely to hold onto direct mail for weeks, 17 days at the average hold time.


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