Did you get an urgent email from your CEO?

Before you respond, consider whether it’s a fraud. And take these steps to combat future business email compromise.

You’re at your desk. You’re opening and responding to emails on a busy day. You have just a few minutes before heading into a meeting. Then you see it: an urgent email from your CEO who’s away from the office and needs a confidential document sent right away.

Do you hit reply to respond quickly before your meeting begins? It’s always looks good to help your top exec expediently. Or, do you pause and take a closer look at the email and its request? To do this might mean not responding until after your meeting.

After learning about business email compromise, I know I’ll stop and take a closer look.

In a recent 16-minute CUES webinar, Ray Murphy, cybersecurity strategist at CUES strategic provider LEO Cyber Security, Dallas, Texas, and former CISO at $103 billion Navy Federal Credit Union, Vienna, Virginia, explains how BEC works and provides several examples.


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