Digital assets – An update on regulatory trends

SRM’s Larry Pruss will speak with NAFCU Services CU Lab to catch up on guidance and regulation trends in the digital assets space – including the latest on enforcement actions and what the federal agencies are saying – and what it all means for credit union strategy and operations in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • [01:43] President Biden’s executive order Responsible Development of Digital Assets, tasked many financial agencies to submit to the president a report on the future of money and payment systems and make recommendations on digital assets. That resulted in the White House announcing its framework on digital assets.
  • [04:15] Since last year and the beginning of this year we saw quite a few congressional hearings on FPX discussing the risk to digital assets.
  • [05:07] We didn’t see a lot from a regulatory standpoint last year. We did see a lot of enforcement actions.
  • [08:23] The good news for credit unions is the NCUA has been very supportive. Credit unions have this opportunity to win business back from the banks.


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