Digital marketing helps boost loan growth by 93%

Long standing client, AERO FCU, sees a 93% jump in home equity loans

One of the biggest challenges in any industry is trying to connect marketing, ads and online engagement with real results… with sales! We are constantly helping clients do just this, in effect ‘closing the loop’ and demonstrating how good quality, strategic marketing campaigns can impact bottom line revenue.

AERO’s AVP of Marketing, Angie Avers, reviewed some loan growth statistics with us, and the results were definitely worth noting! This case study continues to prove why Credit Union digital marketing cannot be beat!

During the first quarter of 2016 we assisted this CU’s staff with an email nurture campaign consisting of 5 emails sent to their members about a new Home Equity promotion. These emails didn’t just hawk the promotion, we designed the campaign and messaging to be much more authentic and trackable.

Here’s how the campaign progressed to boost loan growth:


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