Digital marketing success stories

These eight credit unions leveraged artificial intelligence and other digital marketing tools to boost loan programs, credit card campaigns and more.

Credit unions possess massive amounts of data, notes Preetha Pulusani, CEO of DeepTarget, a digital marketing company based in Madison, Alabama. “This data allows AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) models to continually learn and improve, to predict the characteristics and behaviors of individual users more accurately.”

Pulusani notes that AI can predict how likely a user is to apply for a loan or deposit product and use that information to personalize marketing campaigns and target offers. Plus, AI is faster—and potentially more accurate—than “a human trying to determine a product-fit with limited data manually.”

Below, Pulusani highlights some of her clients’ successes and best practices for leveraging AI and predictive analytics:

AlaTrust Credit Union: This $157 million CU based in Birmingham, Alabama, took a holistic approach to its electronic marketing campaigns, incorporating online and mobile channels for member referrals, auto loans, mortgages, HELOCs, community outreach and other member services. In 2020, members opened 1,137 new accounts influenced by the electronic campaigns in online and mobile banking. The CU had excellent campaign engagement each month: Every 18th unique member in digital banking clicked on an ad, and every 59th unique member opened an account.


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