Director education: Your credit union’s best investment

You do not have unlimited time and your credit union does not have unlimited treasure, so you need to make sound decisions on both.  Continuing education is a great use of both resources! In the rapidly changing world of financial services, your Board needs to make sure its members are staying on top of critical issues.  Let’s face it: you’re on the hot seat. As a director, it’s your job to manage the general direction and control of the credit union and to be the watchdog for its members. Each month you receive a huge packet filled with tons of information regarding your institution’s financial performance and general activities. Thoroughly reading the Board package and asking appropriate questions during meetings is a great start to good governance, but it is not enough.

Continuing education is necessary if your Board is to make informed decisions on the future of your credit union. As such, it is important to seek out vibrant, interactive training that provides the necessary information from people who understand it, can teach it, and have lived it, all in an environment that promotes networking. From finance to accounting, compliance to strategic planning, a wide variety of skills are required for effective volunteers. The CUNA Credit Union Board Certification School is one such effective training event. Great care has been taken to design a comprehensive curriculum and select speakers who will add understanding and insight to your volunteer experience.

The certification process ensures you have the most up-to-date information on the relevant areas of your responsibilities. It also shows the world your commitment to the educational and cooperative processes.   And don’t forget: every examination will include a review of the Board‘s activity and performance. The examination team will not focus exclusively on your balance sheet. Close scrutiny of your Board minutes, with special attention to Board training and certifications, is a regular element of the examination process.

The Certified Credit Union Board Member (CCUB) designation is an indicator that you were more than just a conference attendee; it also shows you are an active participant and mastered the material by passing the required certification examination. It is a badge of honor to be worn proudly within our noble industry. Regulators recognize that a common trait of high-performing Boards is the investment in continuing education.  With the right experience and training, imagine where you can take your credit union next!

David Reed

David Reed

David is a partner in the law firm of Reed and Jolly, PLLC. Through Reed and Jolly, David provides guidance to credit unions concerning a variety of matters including the ... Web: Details