Diversity, equity & inclusion: What’s the next right step for credit unions?

Credit unions are perfectly poised to make DEI a priority now—and to do so loudly enough to lead the world.

The subject of diversity, equity and inclusion has risen to new heights. It seems many organizations have awakened to the idea that celebrating our differences is a powerful way to bring us together. It feels as if DEI has become a movement unto itself. In this season, we should pause for a moment to contemplate the next move.

The matter of diversity, equity and inclusion is a big tent of ideas, philosophies and concepts. It is hard to consider DEI without exploring racial equity. It is challenging to wrestle with racial equity without dealing with racism. It is almost impossible to combat racism without considering personal values.

These seem like bigger-than-life themes. The fact is, these issues are being raised in many communities, organizations and industries. What remains to be explored is what we should do next.

Let’s remember it took the explosion of a series of racially charged murders to stir corporate America into a posture for action. Today, some of the largest organizations are rising to put their stamp on the call for racial justice. I salute these companies for their courage, commitment and conscience. They are pushing colleagues, markets and audiences to be focused on equality for all. But what about the quiet credit union movement?


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