Diversity Insight: Committing to a diverse talent pipeline

CUNA Mutual Group has taken key steps to delivering on this priority.

With 61% of new credit union member growth coming from multicultural consumers, building a diverse and inclusive culture is an imperative to meeting the changing needs of members. Diverse teams make stronger business decisions. If we are truly committed to meeting the needs of all members, then using an equity lens in recruitment, hiring and development is essential.

That means growing the talent pipeline and particularly growing the diversity of that pipeline.  If your pipeline isn’t full of diverse talent, it’s not because that talent doesn’t exist.

It does mean that you may need to pause and consider a new strategy. A great place to start this work is in your recruiting practices.

At CUNA Mutual Group, we believe it must be a priority to continue to feed the talent pipeline, and we’ve developed key strategies to do so.


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