Diversity Insight: Conscious inclusivity is a competitive advantage

Organizations can expect positive payback from promoting cultural diversity.

Diversity and inclusion training is no longer a well-intentioned afterthought, and for good reason: the 2019 L&D Report from findcourses.com confirms that the fastest-growing companies are 72% more likely to have high diversity in their organization compared to the ones who didn’t see growth last year.

Thanks to multi-modal approaches and what Max Avruch of BCG Digital Ventures calls “radical inclusion,” the next generation of D&I training is a catalyst for positive change and innovation. As explained by Avruch, the company’s learning and organizational development specialist:

“It’s the notion of really trying to include everyone and not feeling like there’s the segregation that can easily happen in a work-type community.”

This radical inclusion is achievable by creating a company culture that embraces diversity in several ways. More than just a mandatory HR initiative or a single course, this new approach combines formal training with a strategy tailored to the specific company’s needs.


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