Diversity Insight: Is meritocracy undermining your employees and sabotaging your goals?

When leaders empower everyone to thrive, all employees can deliver their best work.

On the surface, meritocracies seem beneficial to organizations. After all, they advance the people with the best performance, right?

In reality, meritocracies hurt your most vulnerable employees. Everyone has merit; everyone deserves dignity. Rather than run your organization based on merit, try anchoring on people—on the boundless potential of one another. This will unleash the potential of all your employees—not just a select few.

Systems based on meritocracy won’t help everyone make the meaningful contributions of which they are capable. But when leaders empower everyone to thrive—not just “top performers”—all employees can deliver their best work.

7 steps you can take to mitigate meritocracy damage

So, what should organizations do to get the outcomes they desire? Here are some tips to help you deconstruct the myth of meritocracy and make your organization fairer and more inclusive to all.


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