Diversity Insight: Partnering with the Mexican Consulate to serve farm workers

This collaborative goes where no credit union has gone before to reach indigenous populations.

I was born and raised in Chile but came to the U.S. many years ago. Nevertheless, American culture, mainly through TV shows and music, was part of daily life. In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories was watching Star Trek, the science fiction TV show that, with its inspiring tagline “where no man has gone before,” took me to cultures and places far away from my reality. With a slight change, that tagline is perfect for this story: where no credit union has gone before!

Three credit unions in California are truly going where no credit union has gone before in an innovative partnership that brings together the credit unions, the Mexican Consulate of OxnardInclusiv and one of the credit union’s foundation to advance financial inclusion among farm workers who face significant barriers to accessing fair and affordable financial services.


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