Does Google+ add up for credit unions? Find out with CUNA Mutual’s Michael Ogden


by. Mike Lawson

Continuing with social media week here on CUbroadcast (which totally crushes Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” by the way), we are covering the pluses and minuses of Google+. For those who don’t know too much about Google+, and you should, we are joined by CUNA Mutual’s Media Relations Manager-New Media (aka: social media maestro) Michael Ogden to see if Google+ adds up for credit unions as a complementary and effective piece of their marketing pie.

Michael has been using Google+ for quite a while now and knows it backward and forward. He provides us with some little-known facts about the rising social network that may change your mind about joining … like, you’ll want to join. He also provides a few very helpful tips for credit unions to leverage Google+ to their advantage, which you can use right away.

Also, the great thing about Michael is that he researches effective uses of what companies in other industries are doing with their social media efforts and applies them for CUNA Mutual’s benefit. Check out what he’s discovered and more — and let us know how you’re using Google+.


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