Does your website have your members rage-clicking?

Are you getting a decent amount of traffic to your credit union website but not a lot of engagement? If you’re seeing visitors click through to a page only to bounce off of your site a few seconds later, your website might need a refresh.

If so, you’re not alone. Forbes reported that 43% of small businesses are planning to allocate a portion of their budget to website improvements in 2023. Credit unions have increasingly been interacting with members digitally. When your website is your virtual branch, don’t let them rage-click away.

Website designers know website design, but YOU know your credit union members. Bringing the two together is the secret ingredient to building a credit union website that speaks to your members. That’s why feedback is so important during your credit union website design. Work together with your credit union website design partner with respect for each other’s knowledge. Here are some reasons members might be rage-clicking off your site, keeping them from learning more about the great work your credit union does and the products and services you offer:

Speed. Or lack thereof. If pages on your website take more than three seconds to load, it’s too slow. Ensuring your images are the right size, URL paths make sense and more are critical to squeezing every extra microsecond of slack out that keeps your website pages from loading the way members expect.


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