Don’t go chasing waterfall: Agile thinking helps credit unions better respond to change

Small improvements can add up to big value for credit union products and services.

If the many conversations Callahan & Associates has held with industry technologists across 2019 are any indication, credit unions might soon stop chasing waterfall.

Waterfall, of course, is a software development methodology. But it’s not the only one, and many credit unions are turning in another direction entirely to meet the demands of a rapidly changing financial services environment. Perhaps your credit union has considered adopting agile.

Callahan leaders have discussed the pros and cons of changing to an agile methodology with all manner of clients during our technology roundtables, consulting work, and strategic planning sessions. Additionally, we’ve written several case studies profiling successful credit union adoptions.

We’ve learned enough to understand the benefits of an agile approach, which is why Callahan underwent agile training earlier this year with a goal to fully adopt the methodology in the coming months.



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