Downright scary commercials…and what your credit union marketing can learn from them

Halloween is still 26 days away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to talk about scary stuff. Just ask elementary school aged kids – they’ll tell you Halloween is the whole point of October. And major retailers brought out the Halloween goods in mid-September.

Halloween is a fun time for marketers too, but not every marketing piece is scary in a good way. And you certainly don’t need a Halloween theme to make consumers flee your business as fast as possible.

Let’s look at three bad commercials and discover the lessons they hold for your bank or credit union marketing.

1. Burger King’s moldy Whopper

In this piece, Burger King shows the viewer a beautiful Whopper…at first. The Whopper slowly decays throughout the commercial, growing mold and turning green, before showing you the sequence was a 34-day time lapse. The slogan, “The Beauty of No Artificial Preservatives,” concludes the video.


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