Election ’22: Credit union wins, losses and undecided races

Anyone looking for true clarity from the House and Senate elections on Tuesday most likely was temporarily disappointed.

“It’s almost clear as mud,” Jason Stverak, CUNA’s deputy chief advocacy officer, said, in a phone call with journalists Wednesday morning.

It appeared on Wednesday that the Republicans were likely to gain control of the House. However, control of the Senate might be so close that it may not be decided until a Dec. 6 runoff in the Georgia contest between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. Under Georgia law, if no Senate candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, a runoff between the two leading candidates is held.

Even amid that uncertainty, however, some things are clear. For instance, candidates backed by either CUNA or Friends of Traditional Banking, an anti-credit union super PAC, did well on Tuesday.


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