Elevate fraud detection and customer service with the help of data-driven customer insights

In this day and age, most business leaders recognize that their data is among their most valuable assets. For financial institutions, data can provide strategic insights to support a variety of important business functions across their digital banking platform, including fraud detection, marketing and customer service.

Recently, Alkami hosted a webinar titled “Defense in Depth” featuring fintech fraud prevention industry leading experts from Appgate and BioCatch, as well as Gilbert Young, vice president of information security for ORNL Federal Credit Union. The discussion centered around educating financial institutions about the ways fraudsters operate, the operational risk imperative to boost security protocols, and how these technologies, in most cases, can identify fraudsters tostop them before damage is done.

In this blog, we will review ways that properly applied data can support not only fraud detection, but also the customer service side of fraud prevention.


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