Empower your staff to create memorable member experiences

If you have ten staff in a branch, chances are two of them will be working somewhere else next year. Bank industry turnover is 19%, a major red flag that employee experiences aren’t what they could be. If your staff aren’t content with their roles and looking elsewhere, what quality of member experiences are they going to deliver?

Great member experiences aren’t delivered from the top down, they need to be driven by motivated front-line staff who are bought into your mission and feel a sense of ownership over branching strategy. Wellness and compensation are important aspects of the employee experience, but they don’t make up the whole picture. It’s also important to consider how employees fit into your organization, and to empower them with a greater level of responsibility and a stronger skill set.

Elevate Your Staff

A traditional top-down approach to branching strategy can leave front-line staff feeling like cogs in a machine rather than valued team members driving the mission forward. Rather than just telling your staff how to do their jobs, embrace the dynamic nature of their roles and train them on your mission, values, and how to work autonomously – making decisions based off of that mission and set of values. They should also be included in branching strategy discussions, not only to gain their insights but also to give them a sense of ownership over the work they are doing. This radically transforms the employee experience, and ultimately their self-perception, from that of a lower-level employee to a valued professional.


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