Empowering managers through leadership development

Dream big

Imagine a credit union where all managers have the same level of leadership training. A credit union where managers know what is expected of leaders in their organization and where they are able to lead high performing and engaged teams. A credit union where managers know the company is investing in their professional development and empowering them to be successful leaders of the organization. Let me share how Central Minnesota Credit Union (CMCU) has brought this dream to life and how you can make this vision a reality for your credit union.

CMCU has already implemented multiple Leadership and Financial Leadership Courses (see below), all customized to the needs of our credit union. As you can imagine, we have seen great success over the past several years since offering these courses, including an increase in internal promotions into leadership positions, increased manager retention, and an improvement in employee engagement scores. With low unemployment rates and baby boomers retiring, doesn’t it make sense to keep current staff and develop them into even higher performing leaders? It’s a win-win for employees, the credit union, and ultimately our members and communities!


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